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Zipfusion extracts the contents of a zip file without using a zip file reader
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A zip self-extractor is a program that is attached to a zip file to allow the contents to be extracted without using a zip file reader such as Zipfocus or Winzip™. Self-extractors are often used to distribute software. In this case, files may be extracted into a temporary folder before a command is issued to initiate program installation. When installation is complete (or when the computer is restarted) the temporary folder is deleted.
Zip self-extractor programs are often called SFXs. They may also be called stub programs since they do not usually do anything useful unless attached to a zip file.

Main Features :

- Zipfusion can be used with any zip tools that create type 0/8/9 (stored/deflate/deflate64) format zip files.
- User Account Control (UAC) is fully supported on Windows Vista. Administrator privileges can be demanded immediately, on extraction, or on execution of a command (such as starting an installer). A second command can be executed with standard privileges when the first is complete.
- Appearance and behavior are controlled using a text file that is embedded in the zip file (but not extracted).
- An editor/tester/builder is included to facilitate the development process. Primary configuration values can be set using a graphical user interface whilst advanced values are set using the integrated text editor.
- When creating setup programs, files can be extracted into a temporary folder. When a temporary folder is used, extraction can be started automatically. Temporary folders can be deleted when the setup program finishes or when Windows is restarted.
- When extraction is complete Zipfusion can open any program or document of your choice.
- Zipfusion includes three self-extracting stub programs.
- The File Extractor and Installer stub programs are highly versatile and support many behavioral and visual options.
- The Microlight stub program, whilst much smaller, still has many features including allowing button captions and text labels to be adjusted.
- Zipfusion is free if used for non-commercial purposes.
- In addition to an interactive editor/tester/builder, Zipfusion also supports command-line access to its build functions. This allows it to be used on servers to dynamically build self-extractors on demand.

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